Q: Why leaders in technology?

A: While plenty of consulting engagements these days fall under the technology umbrella, Consulting Magazine understands that tech and consulting can mean a variety of things. Whether one is advising clients on the fourth industrial revolution, digital disruption or transformation, IoT (the Internet of things), cloud, cybersecurity, or just good-old fashioned IT and implantation work, there is no shortage of tech-focused client work these days. With that in mind, we thought it time, and probably past time, to recognize the consulting leaders in technology.

Q: When is the nominations deadline?

A: The deadline has been extended to January 26.

Q: When will the honorees be announced/published?

A: The honoree list will be published Mid-March.

Q: How are the honorees recognized?

A: The Leaders in Technology honorees are recognized in a few ways: one, with an editorial feature showcasing achievements of each honoree. Two, honorees are recognized at a celebratory in-person awards on May 16, 2024 and various package options are available to help publicize their success. Three, highlighted on Consulting Magazine's LinkedIn page.

Q: Is there a cost to nominate?

A: No, there is no charge to nominate a candidate.

Q: Is it for U.S-based consultants only?

A: No, it is a global award, however we do expect nominees to attend the awards ceremony in America if selected as an honoree.

Q: Will our firm have a better chance of winning if I have multiple people from my firm submit?

A: No. Whether submitting the same person multiple times, or multiple candidates for a single category, quantity will not warrant any extra points. Candidates should be submitted based on quality and actual qualifications for the category.

Q: How can I make the most of being listed as an honoree? 

A: Should you or your firm be listed for an award, there is an expectation that a representative will attend the awards ceremony to accept a trophy as part of the proceedings.  Note that these events are pay to attend and various promotional packages are available.  We also encourage you to share your achievement on social media, be sure to tag Consulting Magazine on LinkedIn @consulting magazine and on Twitter @Consulting_Mag.

Consulting Magazine is owned by ALM and therefore all correspondence relating to these events will come from an alm.com email address.  Please disregard any offers from alternative companies claiming to be affiliated with these awards as they are unauthorized and not endorsed by this brand.