Excellence in Client Services

Entry content shouldThis category requires substantiation of the candidates’ qualifications focused on examples of client service actions, relationship practices, or innovation in working with and/or serving clients of the firm. Provide demonstrative examples and support how those practices and/or activities improved or changed client relationships and client/firm success.

Excellence in Leadership

Entry content should: This category requires substantiation of the candidates’ demonstrated “above-and-beyond” leadership across multiple categories, disciplines and/or offices, including examples of the nominee’s record as a superior leader, administrator, influencer, innovator and mentor among peers, coworkers and clients. Nominee should also provide corroboration of actions and activities relative to diversity, equity and inclusion efforts relating to workplace, clients, and civic responsibility.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Entry content should: Describe the nominee’s lifetime accomplishments and contributions to the consulting profession. Provide specific supporting examples demonstrating nominee’s significant impact on the success of their firms, clients, and their support and advancement of workplace and communities. Describe and demonstrate relevant or innovative work and achievements furthering industry standards, practices, education, and social responsibility.

Excellence in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Entry content should: This category requires outlining the candidates’ demonstrated commitment and expertise in creating inclusive work environments and understanding of the perceptual, institutional, and psychological processes impacting DEI. Please support with examples of nominee’s successful engagement, identification and development of programs and processes addressing bias and specific diversity and inclusion issues and strategies to counter and create compliance and inclusive work culture.

Excellence in Environmental and Social Governance

Entry content should: This category requires outlining the candidates’ demonstrated expertise in the assessment of environmental, social and governance matters, and development and implementation of policies to affect and improve performance. Specifically address the nominee’s accomplishments related to setting criteria for social and environmental responsibility and governance matters including processes for compliance, monitoring and redress.

Excellence in Innovation

Entry content should: This category requires outlining the candidates’ measurable innovative contribution(s) to the indsutry in general or specific sectors. Support illustrated examples of unique concepts, new/revised or rejuvenated operational practices services and products; rescued or completely new constructs brought to bare in the marketplace or office. Please substantiate measurable impact to the industry or sector as well as to firm, clients and communities.