Excellence in Client Service

  • Saurabh Singh, AlixPartners
  • Mohib Rahmani, Argon & Co
  • Erica Parks Murray, Clarkston Consulting
  • Anthony Campanelli, Deloitte
  • Jen Pavelec, Huron
  • Maggie Mahowald, Impact Advisors
  • Michele Boudway, Infosys
  • Rich Faltot, Point B
  • David K. Donovan, Publicis Sapient
  • Wayne Tung, Sendero
  • Roy Lockhart, Stax
  • Eric Hines, StoneTurn

Diversity Champion

  • Brandon Miller, Clarkston Consulting
  • Darius Johnson, FTI Consulting
  • Spencer Chan, Point B
  • Carlos Perico, ProcureAbility
  • Cristina Jimenez, RHR International
  • Christina Churchill, RSM

Excellence in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

  • Anthony J. Ferrante, FTI Consulting
  • Tauseef Ghazi, RSM
  • Luke Tenery, Stoneturn

Excellence in Digital Transformation

  • Anand Sundaram, Accenture
  • Carmel Wynkoop, Armanino
  • Mario Desiderio, Huron
  • Ben T. Smith IV, Kearney
  • Cat Mears, Stitch
  • Jason Hehman, TXI

Excellence in Environmental and Social Governance

  • Pablo Diaz, Clearsulting
  • Ben Herskowitz, FTI Consulting
  • Xury Deputy, Point B
  • Alex Kotsopoulos, RSM
  • Tanya Bodell, Stoneturn

Excellence in Leadership

  • Maulik Bhagat, AArete
  • Vamsi Bollineni, Access Global Group
  • Girish Dhaneshwar, Cognizant
  • Bryan Ricchetti, Cornerstone Research
  • Karen Werger, Deloitte
  • Jim Gallas, Huron
  • Dean Bell, KPMG
  • Alex Evans, L.E.K. Consulting
  • Ryan Gamble, Riveron
  • Jeff Liepman, SciVida
  • Sarah Katz, Spaulding Ridge
  • Cory Chaplin, West Monroe

Excellence in Regulation and Compliance

  • Michael Drews, Capco
  • Kapish Vanvaria, EY
  • Mike Willhelm, Huron
  • Anne Slattery, RSM
  • Chris Hoyle, Stoneturn

Industry Innovators

  • Kristen Adams, Cognizant
  • Samta Kapoor, EY
  • Kyle Heslin, Ironwood
  • Rob Sherrell, North Highland

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Chad Wekelo, Actualize Consulting
  • Ravi Soni, AWS
  • Tak Umezawa, Kearney
  • Tony Doocey, North Highland

Technology Innovators

  • AJ Yawn, Armanino
  • Anita Hyde, Cognizant
  • John Collins, Deep Vertical
  • Tim Anderson, FTI Consulting
  • David Medrano, Morganfranklin Consulting

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