Q: When is the Top 25 survey open?

A: The survey will be open between June 10, 2021 and September 2, 2021. The digital article featuring the honorees will be published the week commencing Dec 13.

Q: What is the Top 25 Consultants award?

A: It’s Consulting Magazine’s annual recognition of the Top 25 most influential consultants. Firms and clients nominate the consultants who made the biggest impact and Consulting chooses winners among several categories, including Leadership, Client Service and several client industry categories.

Q: How are the Top 25 Consultants recognized?

A: Honorees will be celebrated at an Awards Dinner in New York on Thursday, December 9.

Q: What does the editorial judging committee look for in a nomination?

A: Without getting into specifics, the committee is always impressed by measurable metrics and quantifiable results. Specifics are important. That means “cost savings and revenue generation” isn’t nearly as memorable as “generated $50 million in revenue for a client” or “saved the client $15 million,” for example.

Q: How strict are the word limits found in the nomination form?

A: Pretty strict, although slightly over is OK. However, the limits are there for a reason and going way over the limits won't help your nominee's chances. Be concise and to the point as much as possible. We typically get between 400 and 500 nominations for just 25 spots, so make your nomination stand out.

Q: Is it for U.S-based consultants only?

A: No, the Top 25 Consultants is a global award. However, award winners are expected to attend the dinner in New York on December 9.

Q: Is there a cost to nominate?

A: No.

Q: What is the nomination deadline?

A: September 2.

Q: What's the best way for me to receive alerts and stay on top of all Consulting Magazine awards?

A: Subscribe to the magazine and/or One on One newsletter. You can register for either on Consultingmag.com.

Q: Can we submit more than one person from the firm?

A: Yes, but please limit it to 3-4.

Q: Can we nominate the same person from multiple accounts?

A: No, only one submission will be read per nominee.