Thursday, September 14, 2023, 2:15 PM - 3:00 PM
Panel: Technology Meets Human Behavior - Using AI to Measure Inclusion in the Workplace

Society in every developed country is a structure of institutions– one of operating systems. Every major social task, whether economic performance or health care, education or the protection of the environment, the pursuit of new knowledge or defense, is today being entrusted to operating systems created by and for the white male. No room for diversity is built in to the current system.

Can artificial intelligence (AI) help us more accurately identify unconscious bias? Can the concept of “crashing and rebooting” these systems be used as a process for advancing DEI initiatives? How do arrangements of people, organizations, information and technology, give rise to complex adaptive phenomena that pose challenges to change?

Checking DEI boxes will never generate progress. This panel will examine the importance of reworking status quo operating systems and the utilization of AI to assess internal processes focused on changing and creating effective programs and processes to advance diversity and inclusion efforts for all organizations.

Panel Moderator: Michael A. Webb | Consulting Magazine - ALM

Michael A. Webb, Director, Consulting Magazine - ALM

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