Why women leaders in technology?

While plenty of consulting engagements these days fall under the technology umbrella, Consulting understands that tech and consulting can mean a variety of things. Whether one is advising clients on the fourth industrial revolution, digital disruption or transformation, IoT (the Internet of things), cloud, cybersecurity, or just good-old fashioned IT and implantation work, there is no shortage of tech-focused client work these days. We also note that the vast majority of these advisory roles—especially the leadership ones—are filled by men. So, with that in mind, we thought it time, and probably past time, to recognize the consulting’s women in technology.

When is the nominations deadline?

February 12, 2021.

How are the winners recognized?

The winners will be highlighted in the April 2021 issue of Consulting Magazine and celebrated at a virtual event on May 20, 5pm EST.

Is there a cost to nominate?


Is it for U.S-based consultants only?

No, it is a global award.

Will I have a better chance of winning if I have multiple people from my firm submit?

No, submitting the same person multiple times will not warrant any extra points, they should be based on quality rather than quantity.