Thursday, May 19, 2022

Consulting Women Leaders in Technology 2022

The role of women in the technology field is essential. Women leaders in technology fields are often overlooked, but particularly in the consulting profession—where three-quarters of the industry is male, especially in the upper ranks. And that number is even greater in technology circles. To the women in tech, Consulting Magazine sees you and we recognize the impact you are making every single day. We know it’s not easy, so we want to shine a light on the work you do day in and day out because it is so vital. The diversity of thought and style you bring is much needed and absolutely necessary for your firm’s and your clients’ success.

That’s why Consulting Magazine has launched an awards and recognition dinner - Consulting’s Women Leaders in Technology. We recognize women leaders in technology for excellence in a number of categories. The winners were be celebrated at an event on May 19, 2022, with digital editorial coverage in Consulting Magazine the following week.

Nominations Deadline: February 11, 2022