Peter Skarzynski is an innovation expert and Head of Americas at PA Consulting. Peter leads PA’s US team of strategists, innovators, designers, consultants, digital experts, scientists, engineers and technologists across the consumer and manufacturing, health and life sciences, and energy and utilities sectors. He brings more than twenty years of experience helping organizations set direction, capture new growth opportunities, and enable organizations to be more innovative. Before joining PA, Peter served as Managing Director at Deloitte, Managing Director and Co-Founder of ITC Business Group, and CEO & Chairman at Strategos.

Recognized as a leading expert in enabling organizational renewal and growth through innovation, Peter’s best-selling book, “Innovation to the Core: A Blueprint for Transforming the Way Your Company Innovates” was the first to describe how large organizations can build and sustain a company-wide innovation capability. His second book “The Innovator's Field Guide: Market Tested Methods and Frameworks to Help You Meet Your Innovation Challenges” details market proven methods and approaches to address the most critical innovation challenges.