Thursday, September 14, 2023, 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM
Panel: The War on Data: Costs, Risks and Future of Our Most Valuable Currency

In the beginning it was gold. Then oil. Now, data is the most valuable currency on our planet.

It is also Pandora’s Box, bringing myriad considerations regarding its acquisition, retention, protection and as importantly the RISK of having it in your possession.

Our panel will examine the ethical implications of holding and managing data, the life or death ramifications of mismanaging it and how far behind the technology curve corporations (and those who advise them) are when it comes to protecting it.

As in war, superior strategic and tactical planning is required to achieve victory. This session will deliver insight into the cultural shifts, light-speed technology advances and calculated governance necessary to protect an organization's use and handling of data; the transformative role of these elements for strategic evolutionary planning; and the nuclear consequences of just one breach.

Panel Moderator: Alex Johnston | Clearsight Advisors

Alex Johnston, Managing Director - Clearsight Advisors

Vanessa Pawlak Kate Graeff Elena Kvochko