Consulting Best Firms to Work For and Best Small Firms to Work For FAQs

Q: What is the Best Firms to Work For?

A: Consulting magazine's annual ranking of the profession's Best Firms to Work For and the Best Small Firms to Work For.

Q: How does it work?

A: The rankings are based on responses to survey questions taken by a firm's own consultants. The questions cover six areas of employee satisfaction: Culture, Career Development, Work/Life balance, Client Engagement, Compensation & Benefits and Firm Leadership. Scores are measured against all qualifying firms.

Q: How do I submit a nomination?

A: This survey is the nomination form. It needs to be filled out by your billable consultants, other employee nominations do not qualify. Please see below for the specific numbers we require.

Q: What's the difference between a Best Firm and a Best Small Firm?

A: Best Small Firms are firms between 20 and 250 billable consultants (not support staff/employees). Best Firms have 251 or more billable consultants.

Q: What if my firm has less than 20 consultants?

A: Firms with less than 20 billable consultants do not qualify.

Q: How does my firm qualify for the ranking?

A: Qualification is based on the number of completed surveys per firm. For most firms, we recommend at least 10 percent of billable consultants complete the survey. However, we do need a minimum of 20 completed surveys for a Small Firm to qualify and a minimum of 50 for a large firm to qualify. In some cases, that means more than 10 percent would need to complete the survey. (For instance, a 300-person firm would need 50, not 30, completed surveys to qualify.)

Q: Does qualifying mean I make the ranking list?

A: No. Qualifying means you have enough responses to be judged against all other qualifying firms. Many qualifying firms do not make the final ranking.

Q: What if our results aren't very good. Do you publish a list of participating firms?

A: No. If your scores are low and do not appear on any of the lists we publish, no one will know.

Q: How do I know if my firm has qualified?

A: Please email to see how many entries your firm has submitted.

Q: We have participated in the survey, what are the next steps?

A: We will announce the companies who have made the list mid-July, but the ranking order will be revealed at the gala dinner on September 15.

Q: How many firms participate in the survey?

A: Typically, we get between 12,000 and 15,000 completed surveys representing more than 300 consulting firms. About half of those firms qualify.

Q: What if we make the final list?

A: Congratulations!  There will be an awards ceremony to celebrate all of the Best Firms to Work For and we will be in touch with more details on how you can participate.  The coverage of each firm will also appear on the Consulting website following the event.

Consulting Magazine is owned by ALM and therefore all correspondence relating to these events will come from an email address.  Please disregard any offers from alternative companies claiming to be affiliated with these awards as they are unauthorized and not endorsed by this brand.